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Learning through play

Our Beliefs and Teaching Principles - click here


Our year round conversation about animals, life processes and seasons is an ongoing exploration.

Socio Emotional

Children’s emotions are allowed to be experienced and expressed in words or art,  growing

 resilience and helping management of behavior.   

Creating Community

Process oriented group projects and events such as a celebration with handmade decorations and songs teach the children to work together as a team


Art materials and easels are always available for creative, imaginative and messy play.  Open-ended projects allow the children to follow their natural artistic instincts.


Music is heard when teachers sing during transition from one activity to the other or when the children play with our instrument box.


Our cozy book corner provides a quiet space for reading and one-on-one time with a teacher. 

Play is the highest form of research


We have a variety of manipulates that help develop motor and cognitive skills. The block area encourages constructive play, as well as math and scientific ideas

pretend play

The dress-up area is well-stocked with capes, skirts, hats and shoes where children love to explore adult roles and emotional themes

Outside Play

Our children go on multiple community walks around the neighborhood, visit the park  and have an outdoor area where they can play and explore!

Our enrichment Programs


Music Instructors

Sparrow Sisters

The Sparrow Sisters are a group of musical parents who lead sing-alongs, teach music and perform harmony-rich folk music for daycares and preschools. The children love hearing their instruments and joyful voices. 

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Spanish Instructors



Espanate’s programs are based on immersion and repetition as we teach with creative activities. We take pride in saying that in our sessions children speak Spanish from day 1!  Honeydew  teachers sustain the Spanish learning in the classroom.

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Movement Instructor

Ms. Colleen

Ms. Colleen is a certified dance instructor, specializing in teaching dance for early childhood. Classes use movement and music to develop body awareness, strength, creativity, and coordination in large and small motor movements. Dance also helps children improve their self-awareness, social skills, and promote healthy brain development.

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