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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are your COVID protocols?
    You can click here to view our GENERAL COVID-19 Protocols for our child care centers. As you enroll you learn more about how the protocols work between Families - and - Honeydew.
  • What is your day to day schedule like?
    Drop off between 8-9am Breakfast 9am Circle time 9:30am Outdoor activities 9:45am Art/Sensory 10-10:30am Snack 10:30am Center time 10:45-11:15am Story time 11:15am Lunch 11:30am Nap 12:00-2:30pm Snack 2:30pm Center Play 2:45pm Snack 4:30pm Evening circle time 4:45pm Outdoor play/ free play 5:00-6:00pm
  • . How many of your staff are CPR certified?
    All of our staff are: CPR certified First Aid certified EPI-Pen Trained We also have a MAT (Medication Administration) person on-site at each program.
  • . What activities do you do with the children?
    You can click here to view details of our curriculum and how we work this into the children's daily schedule
  • How often do the children go outside?
    We are outside as much as the weather permits us. The OCFS limits children's exposure to outside if the weather is below 40º fahrenheit (4 Celsius) and above 90º fahrenheit (32 Celsius)
  • What certification/degrees do your staff have & How many years have your staff worked in Honeydew?
    For the privacy of the other staff, we do not put these qualifications on our public website. Upon enrollment, you will gain access to our private parent portal where you can access their bios, you will also meet them at our new parent meeting.
  • Do you have fire drills?
    We are required to do fire drills with the staff and children every month, we have assigned fire drill conductors who schedule it according to the weather. We also hold shelter in place drills every 6 months (June/December).
  • What immunizations do the children need to receive in order to attend Honeydew?
    All children are required to receive and be up-to-date with all immunizations as well as an annual flu shot before starting at Honeydew.
  • Will you shut down again? (Referring to COVID-19)
    Daycares are now deemed essential, so we will no longer be shutting down due to COVID-19.
  • What do I need to do in order to be placed on the waitlist?
    In order to be placed on the waitlist, you will need to schedule and have a virtual tour via Zoom or an in-person tour with our enrollment coordinator. After your tour, you let us know if you would like to be added to our waitlist.
  • How does the waitlist work?
    When/If a space is available, the enrollment coordinator will go down the waitlist, emailing families if they are still interested in having their child attend our program.
  • Where can I find your rates?
    Rates are emailed to you immediately after having the tour. This is due to the value of our program, we want families to see what we have to offer before judging by our pricing.
  • What do I need to do to reserve an available spot?
    Immediately after having the virtual tour, you will receive an email with the rates and an enrollment reservation form. We require a $1000 deposit which is refundable with a 2 months notice of when you are leaving the program as well as a non-refundable $300 registration fee. We need the deposit, registration fee and a filled out enrollment reservation form in order to hold the available spot
  • What happens after I have given the deposit, registration fee and enrollment reservation form?
    Families will have to submit an up to date medical form for their child. The enrollment coordinator will also set the family up with a brightwheel account. If all of the child’s immunizations are up to date, then we can proceed in setting phase-in dates and the first full day date. If their immunizations are not up to date, the enrollment coordinator will email the family to make them aware of the immunizations that are overdue and it is the parents responsibility to submit an updated medical with the immunizations that were administered in order to accept them into the Honeydew program.
  • What is a phase-in?
    The enrollment coordinator arranges 2 consecutive half-day dates and on the 3rd day that week will be the child’s first full day. First Day: 9:30-11:30am Second day: 9:30-12pm Third Day: The first full day which depends on the hours your child is enrolled for They will be set with the dates that work best for the incoming family and Honeydew. Families will also receive a Honeydew Welcome Folder via email with Honeydew's Enrollment Forms that should be filled out and submitted prior to the first phase-in day.
  • What happens if my child gets sick at Honeydew?
    If your child has: a temperature of 100.4 and over, pink eye with discharge, 3 consecutive diarrhea, rash/hives or hand, foot and mouth disease, you will receive a phone call from a teacher making you aware of the state your child is in. Children need to be symptom-free for 24 hours before being allowed back into Honeydew. If your child spends more than 48 hours out of Honeydew, parents are required to provide a doctor's note stating that they are healthy enough to return to the program in order to be accepted back into Honeydew.
  • What happens if someone tests positive for COVID-19?
    All our staff is required to get testing every 2 weeks, we do not allow staff to be in the classroom if they have not gotten tested. If someone receives results that are positive and they were in the class, we evaluate where they have been, how long they were there for, and take our cleaning protocols (same as below in bold). However, if there is someone (child or adult) comes down with COVID-19 Symptoms during school hours and are in the classroom: All of the families from that site will be informed, the children currently in the classroom will remain outside the rest of the day while the site will be deep cleaned and aired out to be ready for the next school day. It is up to the Families if they would like their child to return to Honeydew the following day. The child/adult that is suspected of being exposed to COVID-19 cannot return until they get evaluated by a doctor/get COVID-19 Testing.
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