summer camp

Honeydew Drop Summer Camp is an active and creative camp that has a curriculum that gives

the campers activities they will learn from and friends they can keep forever!

Tug of War

summer camp


Honeydew offers Summer Camp from July - August We structure our Summer Camp curriculum around a fun monthly theme.  It’s a fun active camp taking place mostly outdoors with music, soccer and movement classes. The children LOVE making friends at camp!


• Honeydew Playhouse on Church Ave in 

   Kensington Area - For ages 3-6 years old

• Honeydew Nook on 15th Street in Park Slope

   - For ages 3-5 years old  


what we offer

Our Camp Counselors are advanced CPR and First Aid-trained.  We have an indoor jungle gym at the Honeydew Playhouse and  Prospect Park is a few blocks away. 

Kids in Preschool
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enrichment programs & teachers


The Sparrow Sisters are a group of musical parents who lead sing-alongs, teach music and perform harmony-rich folk music for daycares and preschools. The children love hearing their instruments and joyful voices. 


Espanate’s programs are based on immersion and repetition as we teach with creative activities. We take pride in saying that in our sessions children speak Spanish from day 1!  Honeydew  teachers sustain the Spanish learning in the classroom.


Ms. Colleen (no F) is a certified dance instructor, specializing in teaching dance for early childhood. Classes use movement and music to develop body awareness, strength, creativity and coordination in large and small motor movements. Dance also helps children improve their self-awareness, social skills, and promote healthy brain development.


Soccer develops agility, speed and stamina in children’s physical development.  It also teaches them the importance of teamwork, developing their emotional a social development.